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About Us

This is our Story

Universal Furniture Limited is a private limited company incorporated on June 9, 1987, with its registered office at Km 16, Ikorodu Road, Ojota, Lagos State. Since its establishment, the company has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of furniture. The factory and head office is situated on a 7-Acre plot, with an access to Ikorodu Road, Lagos.

Universal Furniture Ltd. places a huge emphasis on quality of its products. We are the only Furniture Company in Nigeria to be ISO 9001:2008 certified. We have implemented robust quality processes covering all of our departments.

At UFL, we are committed to helping our customers achieve their objectives. Our highly qualified staff will cater your needs from conception and interior design, to after-sales service and maintenance.

The company’s production and administrative operations is overseen by its board of directors, fortified by experienced expatriate and local professionals of proven integrity. Its labor force consists of 750 skilled workers supervised by a highly qualified team of expatriate and home-grown staff. The work force operates more than 200 state of the art machines, along with a production line consisting of 44 tanks for electro plating processing of the chrome products.

Contributions To Economy

At Universal Furniture Limited, the company ensures its contribution at large to the broad & primary objectives set by the Federal Government in its budget, such as:

Conserving Foreign Exchange:

Since most of the company’s’ raw materials are procured indigenously; there is no need for the importation of foreign exchange. Secondly, the company can be categorized in the ‘Import Substitution’ category, as the company’s’ products can easily stand the test of quality compared to imported ones.

Reducing Unemployment:

Generally, furniture-making business is a labor-oriented activity. The company has ventured into this business, thus creating a direct job opportunity to more than 750 workers (at present), and thereby supporting their families as well.

Increasing the Industrial Output:

In a scenario where the existing units are closing down or having their capacity utilization reduced drastically, the company is proud to say that it has increased the production capacity year after year and in turn contributing to the Industrial Output of the country.